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LaTeX, C, and more CLI (info) documentation (was: Re: Emacs Mini Manual

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: LaTeX, C, and more CLI (info) documentation (was: Re: Emacs Mini Manual (PART 3) - CUSTOMIZING AND EXTENDING EMACS)
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2014 19:19:13 +0200
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Robert Thorpe <address@hidden> writes:

> If you're using GNU C or C++ library functions and
> you have the manuals installed then C-h S will do the
> trick.  I think the same is true for Fortran and Ada
> too.  But, it would be very useful if more languages
> and libraries were supported.  Automatic generation
> of info from other documentation formats would be
> very useful.  It should be possible to add code to
> something like pandoc to output info files.

Man, why is the good stuff always so hard to find? This
would have saved me from lots of misery. But everything
(always) in time...

I needed to install glibc-doc-reference. I first looked
at glibc-doc:

    Contains man pages for libpthread functions and the
    complete GNU C Library ChangeLog.  The GNU C
    Library Reference manual has been moved into
    glibc-doc-reference for licensing reasons.

That "licensing" bell seems to ring a lot these
days...? (But as long as it is there, I suppose it
doesn't matter.)

Anyway, then set the mode with C-h S. With
autocomplete, I found out that the following choices
are possible:

Custom-mode     apropos-mode    autoconf-mode
awk-mode        bison-mode      c-mode
cfengine-mode   cperl-mode      emacs-lisp-mode
help-mode       inferior-maxima-mode    latex-mode
lisp-interaction-mode   lisp-mode       m4-mode
makefile-automake-mode  makefile-mode   maxima-mode
octave-mode     perl-mode       scheme-mode
sh-mode         texinfo-mode

However, without the manuals for info to access,
probably most or all doesn't come with a lot of
juice. The c-mode is empty, without the
glibc-doc-reference, for example.

So `C-h S c-mode RET'. After that, `C-u C-h S' to
change mode, and `C-h S printf RET' to bring up the
documentation. Well, what do you say? How about: very

PS. I changed the subject of this thread because there
was a person in this group asking for online
documentation for Emacs and LaTeX. I wrote a very
well-composed reply... ;) However, I didn't know about
this and that makes for another ballgame altogether, in
particular because as you see, latex-mode is in the
list below. So now it is just a matter of finding that
manual as well. DS.

underground experts united

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