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Re: mail-yank-original problem

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: mail-yank-original problem
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 00:03:32 +0100

Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:
> address@hidden writes:
>> I am using GNU Emacs and since I switched
>> to this version mail-yank-original changed its
>> behaviour in a "do noting", at least when invoked
>> from a vm-generated buffer.
> What's a vm-generated buffer?
> `M-x mail-yank-original RET' doesn't do anything for me
> either.

VM is another Emacs mail program "Visual Mail".  It's a separate package
not distributed with Emacs.  These days Emacs is configured to use
"Message mode" for composing emails and newsgroup replies.  In the past
"Sendmail mode" was used, that's where mail-yank-original comes from.

The OP could try using Message mode instead of Sendmail mode and see if
C-c C-y works there.  Asking the VM mailing list
address@hidden is probably best.

Robert Thorpe

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