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Re: Key Combination by Mistake in gnus

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Key Combination by Mistake in gnus
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 23:57:36 +0200
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Esben Stien <address@hidden> writes:

> I made a wrong key combination somehow and all mails
> in a particular group is marked O.
> I tried M-x undo-only in the group buffer, but it
> says that it's a read only buffer.
> Any way to fix this an return it to normal?
> It marked like 1000 mails as "O"

I read you already fixed this, but still I'd like to
tell you of another way.

To undo things in general can be a bit unsafe (and
frustrating), not to mention the method "don't save,
then reboot/reselect" - it is all unpredictable, so use
it, fine, but probably they shouldn't be relied upon or
used habitually.

Instead, why don't you just mark the articles to
whatever you want them to be?

For example, to mark them as unread, use
gnus-summary-put-mark-as-unread-next which for me is
M M u n. You said you marked "like 1000" mails "O". To
instead mark them as unread, go to the top of the
summary buffer, then hit `C-u 1000 M M u n'.

If you want them to be marked something else the exact
same principle will work, you'll just have to check the
documentation for the exact function/keystroke.

underground experts united

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