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Emacs benchmark workload to run and time instead of hunch performance

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Emacs benchmark workload to run and time instead of hunch performance
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:10:16 +0200
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When I just did something with emacs -Q I noticed
startup was instantaneous compared to my regular. I
expected this and this is cool since I only start Emacs
once every time I start the God-damned computer (it is
even automatic), and even then, startup time is hardly
bad. However, when I did some things with the -Q'd
Emacs, I had a feeling typing, bringing up the M-x, and
so on, everything was just a tiny microscopic bit
faster... Perhaps imagination, but anyway I thought, is
there a bunch of code that resembles normal usage for
some interval, whatever that is (normal emaxing), so it
(the benchmark code) can be used on two configs, and
then the wall-clock times can be compared? If one
indeed is faster than the other, is this some stupid
configuration on my part or is it normal if you bring
in a lot of stuff? If I populate alists, hooks, you
name it, with lots of stuff (by the way, where do all
the defuns go? memory? some data structure?) - yeah,
that should slow it down, but will it really to the
degree you'd actually notice it?

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