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Title: Unable to create key binding.

From: Hoe-Phuan Ng
Subject: Title: Unable to create key binding.
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 08:23:16 -0600

*Title: Unable to create key binding.*

Hello All:

Below is the code for node.js REPL ( see below ).

I was not able to use the key bindings.

I got “Undefined … “ response from emacs.

 However, I was able to run commands like this:

M-x run-js and M-x js-send-last-sexp

 When I ran command, C-h b, I see these key bindings:

C-c & C-s yas-insert-snippet

 C-c C-r comint-show-output

C-c C-s comint-write-output


Q1: from command, C-h b, kkey bindings list as shown above, what is the
difference between

C-c & C-s and C-c C-s ?

 Q2: Are the existing key bindings conflict with the key bindings show in
code below?

 Q3: What to do now?

 ;;================= Node.js REPL ==============

; Lifted from

;Server JS with Node.js

;Use js-comint, but hook it up with node.js:

 ; Use require instead of autoload

(require 'js-comint)

;(autoload 'js-comint "js-comint"

; "Hooking JavaScript interpreter up to the JS Files." t nil)

 (setenv "NODE_NO_READLINE" "1") ;; Turn off fancy node prompt

;; Use node as our repl

(setq inferior-js-program-command "node")

 ;According to these instructions ( iink to ), we set the

;Need some prompt configuration for the REPL:

 (setq inferior-js-mode-hook

(lambda ()

;; We like nice colors


;; Deal with some prompt nonsense



(lambda (output)

(replace-regexp-in-string "\033\\[[0-9]+[GK]" "" output)

(replace-regexp-in-string ".*1G.*3G" ">" output)

(replace-regexp-in-string ">" "> " output)))))

 ;Start the JavaScript node REPL with: run-js Set up some helpful keyboard

;; Unable to make key binding work

(add-hook 'js2-mode-hook

(lambda ()

(local-set-key (kbd "\C-c\C-c") 'js-send-buffer)

(local-set-key (kbd "\C-c\C-r") 'js-send-region)

(local-set-key (kbd "\C-c\C-s") 'js-send-last-sexp)

(local-set-key (kbd "\C-c\C-z") 'run-js)))

;================ end of Node.js REPL setup =============

Thank you & Cheers,


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