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Re: Trapping Quit from x-popup-menu

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Trapping Quit from x-popup-menu
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 22:56:21 +0200
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Tim Johnson <address@hidden> writes:

> ;; ---------------------------------------------------------
> (let ((menu (tj-dir-menu curdir get-hidden))
>       choice nextdir
>       (default curdir))
>     (setq choice
>         (x-popup-menu (list '(0 0) (selected-window)) menu))
>     (message (concat "choice: " choice))
> ;; ---------------------------------------------------------
> If I quit x-popup-menu without making a selection, than the rest of
> the code in the defun - beginning with 
>   (message (concat "choice: " choice)
> is not executed. 
> What is the proper way to trap the call to x-popup-menu so that I
> can have some sort of a default value for 'choice?

If you cannot/don't want to use a mouse button event as position
argument of `x-popup-menu` (as it is described in the docstring and
prevents the function from signaling quit), catch the quit signal
with condition-case:

    (condition-case nil
        (x-popup-menu ...)
      ((quit) a-default-value))


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