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From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: TLS POP in VM
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 16:10:41 -0400
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Hikaru Ichijyo wrote:

> Before anyone asks, the reason I'm asking this in a general Emacs 
> newsgroup and not some forum for talking about VM is because I'm running 
> GNU Emacs 24, which is supposed to have internal support for SSL without 
> using a stunnel program.  Someone may know about Emacs 24 SSL support in 
> general (irrespective of VM), and that might help.
> It's not working.  Do I need a stunnel program to do TLS?  I currently 
> have nothing set for vm-stunnel-program because I was hoping the new 
> internal SSL in Emacs would be used.

VM would need to be changed to used the internal Emacs TLS support, and
AFAIK it hasn't been (?). But that's a question that you would have to
ask on a VM list... :)

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