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Re: Getting Emacs to play nice with Hunspell and apostrophes

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Getting Emacs to play nice with Hunspell and apostrophes
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 03:49:59 +0200
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Nikolai Weibull <address@hidden> writes:

> Remembering when to use which of four symbols is
> hardly taxing (and – even when considering additional
> “variants” such as ‘′’, ‘″’ for prime and double
> prime – not close to the definition of umpteen, I’d
> say), though the “how to type them in” arguments
> deserves a bit more consideration, such as the
> automatic replacement that many editors perform.

The “ and ’ just looks silly and they are
disruptive. The two chars after the words "such as" I
cannot see (they are shown as diamonds).

As for remembering/typing, it is again not a question
of - "is it possible to do?" - not with respect to
humans nor to technology - of course it is possible! -
the question is - and what I can see you still haven't
answered it with one word - the question is *why* -
what is the gain? who would benefit from it, and how

This entire thread is an example why not to do it
(though I agree a spellchecker should be fixed to cope,
anyway, as some people have the poor taste to use those
chars and those have to be accounted for) - and I just
raised additional problems, on top of the fact that so
much software around is just not up to it - so why this
is (and can be) a problem (annoyance) is clear - the
only thing that is a mystery is why anyone would want
it to begin with.

> Personally, keyboard bindings such as \C-k ' 9 (from
> Vim and now Evil) are wired deep into my fingers, so
> much so that I still haven’t been able to move over
> to using the more convenient & ' 9 from the rfc1345
> input method.

OK, let me tell you how I do ' and ". ' I do by moving
my right little finger one step (key) to the right. The
" I do by moving the right little finger to the right
shift, at the same time as the ring finger slides along
to the ' key.

So can you find one singe area in which anyone (human
or technology) benefits from those goofy chars?

It is just snobbish, not reality. Don't do it!

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