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Re: Why isn't ert-buffer.el part of Emacs?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Why isn't ert-buffer.el part of Emacs?
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2014 02:53:41 +0200
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Grant Rettke <address@hidden> writes:

> Hard to imagine, but a lot of people do not customize
> everything

aSeriously, customization in the strict sense shouldn't
be included, of course.

I'm talking more about really basic stuff, like echoing
a variable as I mentioned in my previous post.

By the way, this isn't something I saw (or rather
didn't see) just in Emacs: In zsh, I wrote the
following just to convert between bases (!) and present
a uniform input-output interface. zsh is the most
feature rich of all the shells, or so conventional
wisdom claims - but it is the same story - obviously
I'm not the first to want it, and not the first to do
it (somehow), but as I can't find out quickly if it is
there, or if someone else did it, I might as well do it
myself. Again, it is more pleasant that way, though
sometimes less time-efficient.

hex2dec () { echo $(($1)) }
hex2oct () { dec2oct `hex2dec $1` }

dec2hex () {
    hex=`echo "obase=16; $1" | bc`
    echo "0x$lowercase_hex"
dec2oct () { echo "obase=8; $1" | bc }

oct2dec () { echo "ibase=8; $1" | bc }
oct2hex () { dec2hex `oct2dec $1` }

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