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Modify indention for C/C++

From: Florian Lindner
Subject: Modify indention for C/C++
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 15:24:34 +0200
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what is the canonical way to modify indention for certain keywords? I've found numerous ways in the internets. I want to change the linux style so, that is does not do indention for namespaces.

(c-add-style "linux"
               (c-basic-offset . 2)
               (c-offset-alist . (
                                  (namespace-open . 0)
                                  (namespace-close . 0)
                                  (innamespace . 0)

(setq c-default-style "linux")

I tried that, and it seems to correctly c-style-alist but has no effect. How can I change/modify an indention style?


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