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Discarding errors from find-dired

From: Doug Lewan
Subject: Discarding errors from find-dired
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 15:15:37 +0000

I'd like to discard stderr from the find command in (find-dired) and would 
appreciate pointers.

It looks like (grep-apply-setting) is the right function to use, since "This 
variable's value takes effect when `grep-compute-defaults' is called." (from 
the help for find-program). However, I haven't found anything useful looking 
through the code for (grep-compute-defaults).

(grep-compute-defaults) both establishes and manipulates the 
grep-host-defaults-alist, which is not documented well.


Douglas Lewan
Shubert Ticketing
(201) 489-8600 ext 224

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