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Frustrated with Font issues

From: Jai Dayal
Subject: Frustrated with Font issues
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 10:31:54 -0600


 I am using RHEL 6.5 and am running emacs 24.3 with a GUI. The fonts look
absolutely horrible, and the fonts that I have available via set-frame-font
are atrocious as well. I have asked in several places about this issue, and
I'm always blown off and told "blahh set something something in
.Xresources", but nothing ever specific.

People have said that it's an issue with X11, but I'm not convinced; every
other GUI application has normal looking fonts. Even the GUI version of Vim
has normal fonts; how can it be an X server or RHEL problem when every
other application has a sufficient set of fonts to use? This is clearly an
Emacs problem at this point.

If I use emacs in the terminal without X the fonts look fine. My terminal
says the font is "Monospace 10", and if I do C-u C-x = I get
display: terminal code #x3B

When I do C-u C-x = with GUI emacs, I get:

Which is a font made available when I do M-x set-frame-font

Is there not a way to allow Emacs to use the same set of fonts that every
other X11 application uses? How can it be that Emacs fonts suck when other
applications have normal fonts?

I'm pissed off at this point.

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