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translation tables (was searching elisp on debian/ubuntu)

From: Rustom Mody
Subject: translation tables (was searching elisp on debian/ubuntu)
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 11:46:44 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

On Friday, October 25, 2013 11:08:11 PM UTC+5:30, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > eg Figure out how the function 'make-translation-table' is used in elisp
> The fact that it's almost never used is a subtle hint that you probably
> shouldn't use it.

Below is my code as currently written.
Scroll-lock should change from normal ascii layout to apl layout.
If you dont have scroll-lock (eg laptops) choose come other free key
How should I do it better?
(defvar apl-keyboard '(
;; number row
"`◊   1¨   2¯   3<   4≤   5=   6≥   7>   8≠   9∨   0∧   -×   =÷  \⍝  |⍀" 

;; number row SHIFTed
"~⍨   !¡   @€   #£   $⍧   %    ^    &    *⍂   (⍱   )⍲   _≡   +⌹"

;; qwert row
"q?   w⍵   e∈   t∼   y↑   r⍴   u↓   i⍳   o○   p⋆"

;;  qwert row shifted
"Q¿   W⌽   E⋸   T⍉   Y¥   I⍸   O⍥   P⍟   [←   ]→"

;;  asdf row
"a⍺   s⌈   d⌊   f_   g∇   h∆   j∘   k'   l⎕   ;⊢   '⊣"

;;   asdf row shifted
"A⊖   S    D    F⍫   G⍒   H⍋   J⍤   K⌻   L⍞"

;; zxcv row
"z⊂   x⊃   c∩   v∪   b⊥   n⊤   m∣   ,⌷   .⍎   /⍕"

;; zxcv row shifted
"Z    X    C⍝   V    B⍎   N⍕   M⌶   <⍪   >⍙   ?⌿"

"APL keyboard is a list of keyboard rows
For structure see \\[kb-block-defrules]

(defun kb-block-defrules (kb)
  "kb is a list of keyboard rows
Each row is a space delimited string
The elements of the rows apart from spaces are a pair of characters
the first is a keyboard and the second is a translation (which could be absent)
See apl-keyboard above for example.
This function converts that list of strings 
into a lisp list of (key .translation) pairs
  (let ((kbl nil))
    (dolist (row kb (reverse kbl))
      (let ((key-trans-list (split-string row "[ \t]+" t))
            (key) (trans))
        (dolist (key-trans key-trans-list)
          (when (= (length key-trans) 2)
            (setq key    (aref key-trans 0) 
                  trans  (aref key-trans 1)
                  kbl    (cons (cons key trans) kbl)
(defvar apl-input-mode nil)

;; obviously this will not be global when the rest of apl mode
;; are in shape. Just a hack for now
(global-set-key (kbd "<Scroll_Lock>") 'toggle-apl-input-mode)

(defvar mode-name-aplized "απλ")
(defvar mode-name-ascii "APL")
(defvar apl-translation-table (make-translation-table 
                               (kb-block-defrules apl-keyboard)))

(defun toggle-apl-input-mode ()
  (setq apl-input-mode (not apl-input-mode))
  (if apl-input-mode
      (setq keyboard-translate-table apl-translation-table
            mode-name                mode-name-aplized)
    (setq keyboard-translate-table nil
          mode-name                mode-name-ascii))

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