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Re: SDCV and indian diacritics

From: Rustom Mody
Subject: Re: SDCV and indian diacritics
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 05:17:05 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sunday, October 6, 2013 11:09:09 AM UTC+5:30, Sebastian Nehrdich wrote:
> So my question is: Is it possible to hack the sdcv.el to do this
> replacement so I can type with my diacritics, then the sdcv.el converts all
> the characters to itrans before the input is sent to sdcv?

No idea about sdcv
I have a bit of elisp that goes the other way.
You type in ASCII/ITRANS
That code then batch-runs the Itrans input method on the buffer and generates 
another buffer with devanagari.
You could presumably change the input method to diacritics (Dunno... Just an 

I could pass on that code to you. [Not on that machine now]

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