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Re: Is Emacs very alive, active and improving?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Is Emacs very alive, active and improving?
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2013 21:58:23 +0200
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Ken Goldman <address@hidden> writes:

>> Is Eclipse even a GP editor, isn't it just a lousy
>> IDE for the equally-lousy Java?
> It actually is.  My current email client is based on
> Eclipse.

OK, thanks, I didn't know that. It wasn't a rhetorical
question, although I thought Eclipse was an IDE for Java
and nothing more.

> IMHO, Eclipse is the best IDE for Java.

Well, if it wasn't, that would be *really* bad! As for
me, I don't like Java at all but if I ever had to do it
I would use Emacs, because I always use Emacs so I can't
dispense with everything I configured/added (and
programmed into my muscle memory), besides I don't think
I could make Eclipse look a way that would make it
possible for me to use. So, in my case, any highly
Java-specialized features of Eclipse would amount to
nothing anyway. (But that's me.)

> For other languages, I think there are better choices.

Me too ;)

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