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Re: What are advantages and disadvantages of RMAIL and mh-rmail ?

From: W. Greenhouse
Subject: Re: What are advantages and disadvantages of RMAIL and mh-rmail ?
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 03:54:00 +0000
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Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (W. Greenhouse) writes:
>> If you have old mail in an RMAIL file, you can open
>> the entire RMAIL file in Gnus with G f
>> (`gnus-group-make-doc-group')
> Yes, this creates a group with the same name as the
> RMAIL file, unfortunately, the group only shows the
> *first* message in the RMAIL file, and even that, in a
> strange way (*three* times, threaded, with the same
> message, though "filled" differently).
> Perhaps my RMAIL file is not "sound"? (But, rmail
> processes it correctly.)
>> and "respool" it with M P a (mark all) and B r
>> (respool).  This will make your nnml setup re-process
>> all of that mail as if it were brand new from the
>> server, and it will be automatically incorporated and
>> the .overview file regenerated.
> Yes, this works. (But the above problem makes it work
> only for a single mail.)

Hmm...this sounds suspiciously like Gnus misidentified the format of the
RMAIL file.  Is it an older (so-called Babyl format) or newer (mbox
format) RMAIL file?

You can try both ways by giving a prefix arg to
`gnus-group-make-doc-group' (that is, C-u G f) and choosing the
appropriate file type.  Hopefully, one or the
other will parse correctly.


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