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Re: What are advantages and disadvantages of RMAIL and mh-rmail ?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: What are advantages and disadvantages of RMAIL and mh-rmail ?
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:49:47 +0200
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address@hidden (W. Greenhouse) writes:

> With MH-E you have the option of using the MH
> implementation's command line tools to manipulate your
> mail ...

100% correct, and that is a great advantage. If you go
from a web mail service, be it Hotmail or even
Gmail... -- to experience this transition is a *dream*!

> Or, you can use Gnus as read-mail-command instead of
> either of these, which is my own preference.

How do you do that? It was very easy to setup RMAIL, I
think below 30 minutes, but every time I see some
tutorial about mail in Gnus it seems it requires hours
of hacking (?).

I use Gnus for Usenet and RMAIL for mails. But sometimes
I get both Usenet posts *and* mails (with the same
contents) as is often the case for this group, for
example, so it is not optimal. Also, the "one big file"
solution for RMAIL is not good.

What's more, why shouldn't you use Gnus (or your
favourite newsreader) for mail, as well? I use message
mode for both (this required some minor hacks), and
there seems to be noting separating them apart from the
broadcast character of Usenet (but that can be
implemented as a listbot as well, so again I see almost
no difference).

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