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Re: Paredit, smartparens very slow with large latex files

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Paredit, smartparens very slow with large latex files
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 08:30:31 +0200
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Am 12.09.2013 22:27, schrieb Julien Cubizolles:
Vilibald Wanca <address@hidden> writes:

All the minor modes I've tried to navigate through sexps are very slow
when working with large latex files (>1000 lines). For example
sp-forward-sexp takes several seconds to do the following:
\(|\) -> \(\)| whereas it's instantaneous in a small buffer. Is there a
way to improve things ? I tried folding parts of the buffer but it
doesn't help since the folded part is still parsed.

What about buffer narrowing, have you tried it?

It doesn't seem to help.

These commands must scan-lists in order to find the end or beyond. Therefor 
they usually do

(save-restriction (widen)...

inside, so narrowing locally has no effect.

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