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Using emacsclient -t as $EDITOR from within Emacs

From: Nikolai Weibull
Subject: Using emacsclient -t as $EDITOR from within Emacs
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 22:42:42 +0200


Invoking emacsclient -t from shell-command gives me

emacsclient: could not get terminal name

It seems that ttyname (fileno (stdio)) fails, which doesn’t seem
unreasonable, I suppose, but I was wondering how I should get around
this.  I want to be able to execute commands that invoke $EDITOR,
which I’ve set to a shell script that invokes emacsclient -t, from
within Emacs (for example, from Dired) that’s running as a server and
so far I’m only either failing with errors or locking up my terminal.

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