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Re: What's an even easier explanation how to setup gnus ...

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: What's an even easier explanation how to setup gnus ...
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 14:36:45 +0200
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address@hidden (W. Greenhouse)

> Rustom Mody <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Tuesday, September 3, 2013 2:56:04 AM UTC+5:30, W. Greenhouse wrote:
>>> My grandmother (and presumably many people's grandparents) used
>>> computers for work, and they were command-line based with monochrome
>>> displays.  Why assume that touchscreen GUIs are inherently intuitive?
>>> (Hint: the fact that they don't come with manuals is not evidence of this).
>> Not sure what you are saying.  It appears to me that the definition of
>> intuitive' is exactly this -- not needing study. See for example:
> But modern GUIs do require study and experience to develop facility with
> them.  They just don't come with documentation, meaning that the study
> is by rote only.

Now you're being silly and "1337". Of course GUIs need some
understanding but sensible design, relevant icons etc make it a LOT
easier for most than arbitrary command line commands and flags and bash
pipeline knowledge.


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