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Re: Detecting a running process in Elisp

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Detecting a running process in Elisp
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 11:07:20 +0200

Am 27.07.2013 um 01:18 schrieb

> [Aside: I've been quite happy with Carbon Emacs, but my understanding
>  is that it is no longer updated.  Is there a recommended version of
>  Emacs23 (or 24?) for Mac users who are used to Carbon Emacs?]

Carbon Emacs is dead. Since years. There are some compiled versions of the NS 
variants of GNU Emacs 24.3 and 24.3.50 (development version) around. Aquamacs 
Emacs is among them. The best approach, IMO, is to get the sources of GNU Emacs 
24.3 and then apply the patches from YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu, available from 
/ (TRAMP syntax), to compile the 
"AppKit" variant with a much deeper integration into Mac OS X.



Claiming that the Macintosh is inferior to Windows because most people use 
Windows, is like saying that all other restaurants serve food that is inferior 
to McDonald's.

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