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RE: don't show the $-bar that indicates text before and/or after the win

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: don't show the $-bar that indicates text before and/or after the window view, horizontally
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 12:56:35 -0700 (PDT)

> > doesn't seem to do anything, neither in X or the tty.
> > (set-fringe-mode '(0 . 0))
> (At this point, I'd suggest to invest some time in reading the
> manuals, because messing with such advanced stuff is not recommended
> if you don't even know...

+1, and even if one does know...

I'd suggest also learning to use Customize, if you haven't already.

Assuming that you want to set up fringes in general (i.e., your
preferred default fringe settings), just
`M-x customize-option fringe-mode'.  You have the choice among:

* Default
* No fringes
* Right only
* Left only
* Half width
* Minimal
* Specific width
* Different left/right sizes

And the doc is right there too, to explain things.  Customize is
pretty easy to use, and it keeps its settings separate from your
own Lisp (e.g., ~/.emacs) settings if you use option `custom-file'
(which you should, IMHO).

And - especially - it performs type-checking and takes care of
initialization, automatic updating in special cases, and possibly
complex interactions with other functions, modes, options, internal
variables, etc.  IOW, let Emacs do the busy work for you.

(I notice now, BTW, that (emacs) `Fringes' does not mention user
option `fringe-mode'.  I've filed a doc bug (#14946) for that.

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