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Emacs and tmux & the echo area (on Unix & Linux SX)

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Emacs and tmux & the echo area (on Unix & Linux SX)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 16:28:59 +0200
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If you have been active on the SX sites, you know they have a
"reputation" system.

You can use you own reputation to boost questions that you ask, in
order to attract solutions (the so called "bounties" will then be
rewarded to user that provided the best solution).

I'm not using those sites anymore, so I decided to spend all my
reputation to possibly get some answers before I leave those sites

Those bounties expire, so I thought I'd tell you - if you want to
earn some reputation, submit an answer to any of the questions
below: they are Emacs related.

If you don't care for reputation, or aren't even a user of those
sites, but still know the answer(s), feel free to answer here.

The URLs hint as to the questions asked.

Emanuel Berg - programmer (hire me! CV below)
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