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Re: Tuningo f compile mode

From: Sergei Kolomeeyets
Subject: Re: Tuningo f compile mode
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 15:43:14 +0400

Hi, Peter,
Thanks a lot for your answer! The line (setq split-width-threshold nil)
inserted into ~/.emacs - has cured the problem.
By the way:
1. Everything indicated that I confused the adjectives 'vertical' and
'horizontal' writing about splitting. It was my native Russian concepts of
how to describe splitting that 'helped' me ;-) Of course, I complained
about an inconvenient _horizontal_ splitting trying to find a way to
recover 'normal' and convenient vertical windows.
2. The problem came to the scene after I had made a console font  a bit
smaller (12 instead of default 14). Despite having 160 as
split-width-threshold value, emacs makes two horizontal windows of about
80-100 characters. So it is supposed to be normal for emacs - while
splitting windows horizontally - to split a line of 160 characters into two
lines that consist of 80.

Again thanks!


2013/7/17 Peter Dyballa <>

> Am 17.07.2013 um 11:41 schrieb Sergei Kolomeeyets:
> > When I press M-` or M-x compile Emacs split the main window vertically to
> > show  a compile buffer. It is very inconvenient.
> It is very convenient. I like it this way.
> > How can I change it to horizontal splitting like C-x-1?
> Horizontal splitting would occur when GNU Emacs' frame is wide enough that
> two buffers side by side are so wide that text can be displayed in
> reasonably long lines. So by default the variable split-width-threshold has
> a value greater than 100, could be it's 160. By reducing that value it
> becomes more likely that insanely narrow windows are created.
>         split-width-threshold is a variable defined in `window.el'.
>         Documentation:
>         Minimum width for splitting windows sensibly.
>         If this is an integer, `split-window-sensibly' may split a window
>         horizontally only if it has at least this many columns.  If this
>         is nil, `split-window-sensibly' is not allowed to split a window
>         horizontally.
> See also split-height-threshold.
> --
> Greetings
>   Pete
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> work, it's physics.
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