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ALT with Shift does not function as META in the console

From: joao . moreira
Subject: ALT with Shift does not function as META in the console
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 20:49:06 +0200 (CEST)


I'm using emacs 24.3 on the Linux console, and I've noticed that the ALT key 
doesn't function as META, if I have to use Shift at the same time, whereas it 
works fine under X.

For example, my keyboard has '>' (Greater-than) above '<' (Less-than), so to 
move the cursor to the beginning of the buffer I type ALT '<', and this works 
fine, but to move to the end of the buffer, I need to type ALT Shift '>', and 
this does *not* work. Pressing and releasing ESC, and then typing Shift '>', 
does work, of course, but this is not the gesture that my fingers have 

Would anyone know why there is this difference of behaviour between X and the 
console ? And how can I fix this in the console ?

I noticed this when booting a Linux From Scratch system, with no X installed, 
but then I tried under Fedora, moved to a console with Ctrl-Alt-2, ran emacs, 
and found the same behaviour (with an Emacs 23.3).


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