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Re: Replacing c-beginning/end-of-defun in a Major Mode

From: Tom Willemse
Subject: Re: Replacing c-beginning/end-of-defun in a Major Mode
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 09:47:53 +0200
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Hey Eric,

Eric James Michael Ritz <> writes:

> I am trying to customize the behavior of some commands in a major mode
> but I am running into a problem.  I am referring to PHP Mode, and its
> definition derives from `c-mode`, i.e. `(define-derived-mode php-mode
> c-mode …)`.  Because of that PHP Mode inherits two key-bindings:
> 1. C-M-a for `c-beginning-of-defun`
> 2. C-M-e for `c-end-of-defun`
> I want PHP Mode to use the functions `php-beginning-of-defun` and
> `php-end-of-defun`, respectively.  I can rebind those two keys for PHP
> Mode specifically.  However, what I really want is for the two
> `php-*-of-defun` functions to replace the `c-*-of-defun` functions no
> matter what key-bindings the user has.  For example, if a user
> customizes ‘C-c f’ to execute `c-beginning-of-defun` then I want those
> same keys to execute `php-beginning-of-defun` when in PHP Mode.
> Is there a way I can tell Emacs to use those PHP-specific functions
> only when in PHP Mode, regardless of what keys are set to the normal
> CC Mode functions?  I would appreciate any help on how to do this, or
> to know if there is a better way overall that I am not seeing.

I think this sounds like `(local-set-key [remap ...] ...)' should do the

    (defun php-mode-remap-keys ()
      (local-set-key [remap c-beginning-of-defun] 'php-beginning-of-defun)
      (local-set-key [remap c-end-of-defun] 'php-end-of-defun))
    (add-hook 'php-mode-hook 'php-mode-remap-keys)

Or something similar might work? Or of course directly in the php-mode
"on" function should work.

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