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Re: Highway Musophobia Revisited

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Highway Musophobia Revisited
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 02:04:10 +0200
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Drew Adams <> writes:

You seem to be in favour of the mouse, but what you write is part
of why I don't like it:

> "Gimme that.  That over there.  Two feet from the door, on the
> right, four feet up, against the wall.  No, just to the left of
> that thing ... three objects over.  No, the blue one.  That's
> it.  Thanks."
> A pointer device is better for, uh, ... pointing.

You point when you *can't* express your wish. It is a last,
style-less resort. "You [point] do (something)" (like some moron)
"What, me? Him?". Compared to *knowing* (which is always better):
"Carl, take care of (something)."

With pixels, it is more difficult, *but not that much*. With
training, everything is possible to express.

If you go to the forest, and call you friends "There are bunch of
trees - uh...". But do it ten times, and you will be able to
describe the scene so precisely they will know instantly where
you are. (If they underwent the same training, that is.)

There is a book - an e-book, at least - called "tmux: Productive
Mouse-Free Development" - I haven't read it, yet, but the title is
very promising.

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