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Re: Speeding up Emacs load time

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: Speeding up Emacs load time
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:37:43 -0400
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Dmitry Gutov <> writes:

> Emanuel Berg <> writes:
>> The black background - *much* less light enters your eyes. But it
>> is not like the light from (for example) the sun, because the
>> light from the monitor (projector in my case) holds information
>> that must be decoded, and, at a fixed distance, while maintaining
>> a high degree of concentration, it makes your eyes not blink -
>> which makes for *dry* eyes. The black background really, really
>> helps.
> It only works if you're sitting in a darkly-lit room, using dark desktop
> theme, and don't routinely switch to e.g. web browser, wherein most of
> the websites are dark-on-light.
> Otherwise, the switching between levels of contrast will put even more
> strain on the eyes. I'm sure you'll notice that when you get a few more
> years sitting before a computer under your belt. I'm 26, and I've
> started paying attention to this 2-3 years ago.

I'm 67 and I say nope.

Dan Espen

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