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Re: glitch when printing from Win 7

From: zeb7k
Subject: Re: glitch when printing from Win 7
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 04:12:25 -0700 (PDT)
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It finally happened again.

Here are the pertinent commands in my .EMACS startup file:

   (setq lpr-command "P:/PrintFile/PrintFile.bat")
   (setq printer-name nil)
   (setq lpr-headers-switches "/p")

Here is the batch file PrintFile.bat:

echo appdrive is %APPDRIVE% > x:\PrintTrace.log
echo 1 is %1 >> x:\PrintTrace.log
echo 2 is %2 >> x:\PrintTrace.log
regedit.exe /s %APPDRIVE%:\PrintFile\NotePad.reg
NotePad.exe %1 %2

(Sometimes I adjust the font in Notepad and forget to switch it back.  The 
regedit command simply makes sure Notepad.exe is working with the same font 
size I always use for printing.)

Here is the contents of PrintTrace.log as viewed in fundamental mode:

appdrive is P 
1 is /p 
2 is \213\257\250t:\Temp\EP4252h0o 

Note the three octal characters in front of the file name.  This is what's 
gumming things up.  Why is this happening?

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