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window alignment at startup

From: Mickey Ferguson
Subject: window alignment at startup
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:22:32 -0700

I've coded the following function which works perfectly after a window
is already in existence:


(defun align-window ()

  "fix window positioning"


  (set-frame-position (selected-frame)

                      (if (equal (getenv "emacs_alignment") "right") -1
0) 0)



If I have the emacs_alignment environment variable defined and set to
"right", it aligns the window to the right edge of my screen.
Otherwise, it left-aligns it.  The problem arises if I have
(align-window) in my .emacs.  If it's not set to "right", it properly
left-aligns, but if it's set to "right", it aligns it to some point near
the right edge, but not really there.  After emacs is fully loaded and
running, if I use M-x align-window, it works properly.  Note that my
.emacs results in setting a different font, which causes the window size
to change.


OK, to boil it down:  I want to execute this function as the last thing
emacs does before it's done - after loading the file(s), etc.  How do I
do this?  Replies directly to my email (Mickey.Ferguson - at -
cassidiancommunications - dot - com), since my work doesn't allow for
newsgroup access.


Thanks for any help you can provide!

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