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Re: a) What ways can Meta be put in a command?... b) What's the differen

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: a) What ways can Meta be put in a command?... b) What's the difference between Esc-x and M-x
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 23:04:05 +0530
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> I think coding is nowadays almost as much a physical thing than it
> is analytic. And 90% of my configuration work has been related
> to this. For example, I have put hours of getting all my shortcuts
> to be in the 'A' to 'F' and 'J' to ';' areas of the keyboard, so I
> never have to reach. Scrolling D and F, navigation J, I, K and L,
> and so on. Here is an example:
> Also, in Emacs-w3m, I switch tabs with J and K - instead of the
> default (hold tight!) C-c C-p and C-c C-n - especially in
> Emacs-w3m, where there is no typing, the whole keyboard is
> available for shortcuts - why do they use such long sequences?!

    Why try so hard?
    You act like a retard! [1]

    What does Emacs lack?
    (I pity) You had (so) much to hack!

    You are (The) Master of (The) Way
    If only you throw your .emacs away.

    Of Tao (of Emacs) I speak,
    (Frankly) Where is the need to tweak?

> What's going on on? Am I normal? :)

You are not normal.  You are super-human!


[1] This is poetic licence.  I mean no dis-respect to the OP or hurt the
    sensitive among men, women or children.  Take it in good spirit.

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