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[org-trello] emacs minor mode for org-mode to sync with trello

From: eniotna
Subject: [org-trello] emacs minor mode for org-mode to sync with trello
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 14:45:19 +0200


I do not know where to go to announce this. Feel free to dismiss it if it's
not the right place (but i'll welcome any feedback about my wrong-doing).

For informations, to any people interested in trello and org-mode.

I am developing a minor-mode for org-mode to sync your org-files with your

Because sometimes, we need to work with other tools than those we like.

This has been released in melpa at the moment.
As soon as i have time, i'll released it to marmalade.

- create/update/delete card/checklist/items
- move around card according to status
- install setup routines (one for tokens authentication, one for the sync
with the board)

Antoine R. Dumont

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