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Re: Trouble binding Alt *by itself* to the execute-extended-command...(A

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Trouble binding Alt *by itself* to the execute-extended-command...(Alt-x and ESC-x work fine.)
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 20:44:32 -0600
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Chris Seberino wrote:
> Alt-x invokes the execute-extended-command just fine.
> I'd like the Alt key *by itself* to this command.

That doesn't make any sense to me.  It would be like asking for making
the shift key by itself produce a shift-A.  Keys like shift and
meta (alt on modern keyboards) and control aren't supposed to produce
keys by themselves.  They are supposed to modify other keys pressed
with them.

If you did this then how would you type in M-a or M-e or any of the
others without the meta (alt) key?

> I'm on Ubuntu 12.04.  I've read a few docs on X Windows, xmodmap,
> xev, Ubuntu Unity 3D but *still* can't seem to make this work.

I think that is because it just isn't something that makes sense to
do.  Now if you phrase something in the form of a challenge people
will go to extreme lengths to accomplish it.  So I have no doubt that
what you are asking for is possible.  I am just challenging that it
isn't actually something that should be done.  IMNHO. :-)

For example you can move the meta modifier from alt and assign it to a
different key.  Or leave it on ALT_R while reassigning ALT_L.  And
then you could assign a high numbered function key to ALT_L.  And then
have your window manager apply a keyboard macro short whenever that
(new) function key is pressed.  It would do exactly as you have
asked.  But it would make no sense to me.


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