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Ask for some advice on Emacs GDB for large project

From: Hongxu Chen
Subject: Ask for some advice on Emacs GDB for large project
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2013 16:26:05 +0800
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Hi guys,

  For some reason I am doing some coding on a large project(actually
  it's about llvm). When debugging with Emacs gdb, I feel that it is
  sometimes annoying:

  1. Since there are quite a lot of symbols inside the project, when
  looking at some identifiers(but NOT locals) in the source code,
  sometimes I use `TAB' for auto-complete, I often need to wait gdb
  quite a long time to list all the candidate that might match(quite a
  lot of symbols that is nothing but useless). however I only need to
  see *whatis SOME_ID*, how can I make it with some tweaks?

  2. The cursor is not guaranteed when some gdb command is executed, so
  I have to use `M->' to force it there. Is there some good `advice' or
  customizable variables to automatically do this?

  3. How can I change the size of the windows when in gdb-many-windows
  mode? Any sample code?

  4. What's the good practice for gdb step/next etc. Should I hit every
  command in the command window or set some keymaps in the source code
  mode and then press the command?

  It would be appreciated if some sample code is included. 

Hongxu Chen

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