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Re: How to get the script name symbols of a specific character?

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: How to get the script name symbols of a specific character?
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:30:22 +0530
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YE Qianchuan <address@hidden> writes:

> On 02/11/2013 10:55 AM, Jambunathan K wrote:
>> These two suggestions or from stackoverflow thread
>> (
>>          M-: (char-table-extra-slot char-script-table 0)
>>          M-x list-character-sets
>> Long time ago, I was trying to assign font to tamil/indic scripts.  I
>> was hoping that there would be a command like `describe-scripts' or some
>> such thing.  I was disappointed.
>> May be there should be one.
> Thanks. I had read this thread. It does say something but not
> enough. Maybe I should look at the source.

You were looking for symbols for scripts and I have included a dump of
what the above sexp returns.  I see hangul, hanunoo and han.

As for Tamil script (which I use) I have the following in my .emacs.
"Lohit Tamil" is the font to use for 'tamil script.

| ;; Use the predefined fontset "fontset-standard"
| (set-face-font 'default "fontset-default")
| (set-fontset-font "fontset-default" 'tamil "Lohit Tamil")

,---- (char-table-extra-slot char-script-table 0)
| (latin phonetic greek coptic cyrillic armenian hebrew arabic
| syriac thaana nko samaritan mandaic devanagari bengali gurmukhi
| gujarati oriya tamil telugu kannada malayalam sinhala thai lao
| tibetan burmese georgian hangul ethiopic cherokee
| canadian-aboriginal ogham runic tagalog hanunoo buhid tagbanwa
| khmer mongolian limbu tai-le tai-lue buginese tai-tham balinese
| sundanese batak lepcha ol-chiki vedic symbol braille glagolitic
| tifinagh han ideographic-description cjk-misc kana bopomofo
| kanbun yi lisu vai bamum syloti-nagri north-indic-number phags-pa
| saurashtra kayah-li rejang javanese cham tai-viet meetei-mayek
| linear-b aegean-number ancient-greek-number ancient-symbol
| phaistos-disc lycian carian olt-italic gothic ugaritic
| old-persian deseret shavian osmanya cypriot-syllabary aramaic
| phoenician lydian meroitic kharoshthi old-south-arabian avestan
| inscriptional-parthian inscriptional-pahlavi old-turkic
| rumi-number brahmi kaithi sora-sompeng chakma sharada takri
| cuneiform cuneiform-numbers-and-punctuation egyptian miao
| byzantine-musical-symbol musical-symbol
| ancient-greek-musical-notation tai-xuan-jing-symbol
| counting-rod-numeral mathematical mahjong-tile domino-tile
| playing-cards)

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