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RE: max-lisp-eval-depth

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: max-lisp-eval-depth
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 13:27:42 -0800

> Mine is set to 600 (emacs 24.2) on two different platforms.
> Would setting debug-on-error to t help?  Then you would see 
> the stack and that might give you a hint.  It may be some 
> data structure is looped back on itself and its not suppose 
> to be causing infinite recursion.

The error that max-lisp-eval-depth is exceeded is nearly always an
infinite-recursion problem.  Bisect your init file to try to identify the
culprit code.  

You might need to recompile that code or load it without compiling it.  Or
perhaps (most likely) it is just buggy and needs to be fixed.

But the point is to respond to a max-lisp-eval-depth error by looking for a code
problem, not by increasing that variable value.

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