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"file has changed" on network drive

From: Brendan Halpin
Subject: "file has changed" on network drive
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 10:03:34 +0000
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I have a CIFS-mounted network drive, whose clock seems to be very
slightly different from my computer's clock (despite NTP on both
devices). Consequently when I edit a file on the drive, there is a small
discrepancy between (visited-file-modtime) and the file-system
timestamp, and Emacs complains that the file has changed on disc. The
difference is small, and only in the third and fourth elements of the
time as Emacs represents it (interestingly, on other file systems these
two elements are 0).

Is there a known work-around for this problem? A function at writing
that uses set-visited-file-modtime to set the time stamp to the
filesystem value? If so, where to hook it in?


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