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Re: 'n' doesn't work when using ediff -- an ediff beginners's quesstion

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: 'n' doesn't work when using ediff -- an ediff beginners's quesstion
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 22:13:23 -0500
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Hendrik Boom <> writes:

> This has got to be an utter beginners' question.  I've been using emacs 
> for years, bot not ediff, and I must be doing something wrong with ediff.
> ediff is started from monotone, my revision management system when its 
> automatic merge mechanisms are not sufficient.  I gather this kind of 
> thing is the principal use for ediff.
> I'm running everything through a terminal emulator running ssh between 
> two Debian Linux systems.  I get a text-mode XEmacs.

This doesn't make sense.
I can't imagine Ediff in a text mode terminal...

> It has five panels -- and A and B for the files to be merged, a C for the 

especially, if you see 5 panels.

> merged file, an Ediff control panel (containing the line "Type ? for 
> help", and the usual single-line command-entry line at the bottom (the 
> place where ctl X ctl F would expect to be given a file name.
> When the Ediff control panel is the current buffer, I type 'n' and get 
> the message (in that bottom  line):
>   No such coding system: emacs-internal

Search for this message using Google.

This is emacs help, not XEmacs.

Dan Espen

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