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Re: :name or 'name?

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: :name or 'name?
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 21:36:51 +0200
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On 2013-01-21, Christopher Schmidt wrote:

> Oleksandr Gavenko <> writes:
>> Is that usual use :name instead of 'name in elisp code (in places
>> where you need symbol)?
>     (info "(elisp)Symbol Type")
>     (info "(elisp)Quoting")
Seems that I understand and already know those topics...

My question is that usual instead of quoting symbol use "keyword symbol" which
you don't need to quote...

So you can write:

  (put :mylib-error 'error-message "Unknown mylib error")

instead of:

  (put 'mylib-error 'error-message "Unknown mylib error")


  (put (quote mylib-error) 'error-message "Unknown mylib error")


  (put (make-symbol "mylib-error") 'error-message "Unknown mylib error")

So avoid quoting by special naming conventions...

Best regards!

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