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Re: standard keyboard commands not working?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: standard keyboard commands not working?
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 11:52:19 +0100

Am 19.01.2013 um 02:14 schrieb Emanuela Pompei:

> what you described is exactly what happens. No error message, nothing: just
> ignore the instruction of killing the rectangle.

I remember a similar situation I had with the AppKit variant (kind of successor 
of Carbon Emacs). C-x was swallowed, it had to be typed twice to be recognised 
by Emacs. The cause was, as the creator of the AppKit variant, YAMAMOTO 
Mitsuharu, found, that I had NS key bindings set up for the normal Apple 
applications that contained ESC – and also some starting with C-x (^X in Apple 
syntax, see for example,, oriented on 
what I was used in Emacs. Maybe this is also the case for you?

If you're able to build GNU Emacs yourself I'd recommend to build and use 
AppKit Emacs! It's based on the sources of either GNU Emacs 23.4 or 24.2 or the 
pre-release GNU Emacs 24.2.92 (becoming 24.3) and needs a large set patches 
contained in an extra archive.

The pre-release GNU Emacs sources can be found here: 
/ (TRAMP syntax);
the AppKit patches can be found here:   
/ (TRAMP syntax).

My way of building AppKit Emacs is:

        gtar xf <possible path to>emacs-24.2.92.tar.xz
        mv emacs-24.2.92 emacs-24.2.92-mac-3.92
        gtar xf <possible path to>emacs-24.2.92-mac-3.92.tar.gz
        cd emacs-24.2.92-mac-3.92
        patch -p 0 < patch-mac

Then check which options configure offers and configure particularly with the 
-with-mac option! Then make and sudo make install. (From the same patched 
sources you can easily build the X11 and the NS/almost Aquamacs variants.) The 
AppKit variant is very stable in every release and is very Mac like, being able 
to use the graphics libraries of the system, including SVG support (which the 
NS or Aquamacs variants don't have), and being able to support all input 
methods and scripts and fonts (check out C-h H!).



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