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RE: Using the same custom file in two different OSes

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Using the same custom file in two different OSes
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 08:57:41 -0800

> > `window-system' has the advantage that it works with older 
> > Emacs releases.
> Only if you want to support Emacs versions before 21.1.

Fair enough.  However, even in the final Emacs 22 release there are _many_ uses
of `window-sytem' as a predicate in the Gnu Emacs source code, even though
`display-graphic-p' was introduced two releases before that.

Heck, even in the latest Gnu Emacs development source code, to be Emacs 24.3,
there are still many such "deprecated" uses, AFAICT.

Here is a typical one, in dframe.el:

;; On a terminal, raise the frame or the user will
;; be confused.
(if (not window-system)
    (select-frame (symbol-value frame-var)))

In case you think dframe.el is a bit exotic, see the basic libraries faces.el
and frame.el, where there are also several such uses.

And frame.el is the very file where `display-graphic-p' is *defined*.  It is
called only 3 times in that file, while `window-system' seems to be used there
as a predicate 7 times.

Nobody's perfect, of course.

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