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Re: EShell tips on SSH?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: EShell tips on SSH?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:38:48 +0100
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Wenshan Ren <> writes:

> Hi,


> I manage a few VMs via SSH. As an Emacs user, I'm considering to get
> everything done without leaving Emacs.
> So far I've met two problems:
> 1. ssh -A
>    ssh -A does agent forwarding, but I can't find the EShell
> equivalent by searching the Emacs Info.
>    How do you achieve the same effect of ssh -A in Emacs?

If you use the remote file name syntax, the underlying operations are
directed to Tramp. You could redefine Tramp's method definition in order
to add "-A" to the ssh call. See variable `tramp-methods'.

The better solution would be to add the following entry to your

Host remotehost
        ForwardAgent    yes

> 2. cd /
>    After `cd /ssh:username@host', `cd /' will change directory to / of
> my local machine.
>    Is there any way to make EShell behave like a ordinary bash sshed
> to a remote machine?

Eshell is designed that file names used by "cd" work as everywhere else
in Emacs. The usual workaround "*cd /" to apply the corresponding
external command does not work, because "cd" is not related to an
executable file, but a shell built-in. What you ask for does not seem to
be possible in eshell yet. Maybe we should add a new eshell command
"chroot". Something like

chroot /ssh:username@host:/

Feel free to raise a change request towards Emacs/eshell via

> Thanks and regards,
> Wenshan

Best regards, Michael.

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