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dumped emacs on android freezing

From: Joe Bogner
Subject: dumped emacs on android freezing
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 11:43:36 -0500

Hello - 

My dumped emacs is freezing on launch and does not show any messages. Are there any tips to troubleshooting (e.g. enabling tracing) or any other guidance on resolving the issue? I don't have access to gdb on the device.

I am running the emacs-24.1.50 on android. It runs but launches extremely slow. It loads its packages from loadup.el. The build script appears to build the equivalent of temacs. It's a 3.6mb binary.

I've followed the E.1 Building Emacs guide to try dumping emacs: 

temacs -batch -l loadup dump

I've also tried calling dump-emacs

In both cases, it creates a new binary around 8.2mb in size. 

A couple other points:

Using emacs -l loadup dump initially complained about the lack of /etc/DOC so I just created an empty file. Could that be related to the freeze?

Using --batch "(dump-emacs ...") did not complain about /etc/DOC but complained about

"Warning: arch-dependent data dir (/sdcard/emacs/libexec/) does not exist" and
"Warning: Lisp directory '/sdcard/emacs/liem' does not exist"

It still froze the same way afterwards. I created those directories and still same issue.

I also recompiled with a larger SITELOAD_PURESIZE_EXTRA value and that had no effect.

Running fast-emacs --batch segfaults with a "fatal error(11)". 

Thank you for any assistance


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