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Re: c-like comments settings

From: Luca Ferrari
Subject: Re: c-like comments settings
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 08:52:27 +0100

Thanks for help, but I'm not so lisp-expert to understand what I have
to do by myself just reading the documentation, so any other clue is
appreciated. In the meantime I found the "comment-close-slash"
variable that, if added to the cleanup list, should at least close the
comment with a single slash. Unluckily I tried to do the following:

(add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook
          '(lambda ()
             (add-to-list* 'c-cleanup-list

which does not work, so I'm getting something wrong....


On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 5:35 AM, drain <> wrote:
> Very lazy hint: take a look at the comment-region source code:
> (defun comment-region (beg end &optional arg)
>   "Comment or uncomment each line in the region.
> With just \\[universal-argument] prefix arg, uncomment each line in region
> BEG .. END.
> Numeric prefix ARG means use ARG comment characters.
> If ARG is negative, delete that many comment characters instead.
> The strings used as comment starts are built from `comment-start'
> and `comment-padding'; the strings used as comment ends are built
> from `comment-end' and `comment-padding'.
> By default, the `comment-start' markers are inserted at the
> current indentation of the region, and comments are terminated on
> each line (even for syntaxes in which newline does not end the
> comment and blank lines do not get comments).  This can be
> changed with `comment-style'."
>   (interactive "*r\nP")
>   (comment-normalize-vars)
>   (if (> beg end) (let (mid) (setq mid beg beg end end mid)))
>   (save-excursion
>     ;; FIXME: maybe we should call uncomment depending on ARG.
>     (funcall comment-region-function beg end arg)))
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