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Re: emacs24 X primary selection changes

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: emacs24 X primary selection changes
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 17:49:11 -0700
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Drew Adams wrote:
> > In that news entry it says:
> >   The default handling of clipboard and primary selections has been
> >   changed to conform with modern X applications.  In short, most
> >   commands for killing and yanking text now use the clipboard, while
> >   mouse commands use the primary selection.
> Consider filing an Emacs bug report if you think the NEWS entry is incorrect.

This is one of those things that is vague enough that it is hard to
really nail down.  And I am not an expert on X programming enough to
say one way or the other.

For all I know "modern" in this context refers to a new API that has
yet to be adopted elsewhere.  It needs discussion with someone who
knows why this change was made before a good assessment can be made.
I hate filing a bug when I am this much in the blind.

Because maybe Firefox and Chromium are both using the primary
selection instead of the clipboard for compatibilty but if they were
configured differently then perhaps it would work?  Don't know.

Perhaps a fully consistent clipboard strategy would work okay?  Having
a fully consistent strategy across a large transition is often hard.
Is this one of those transitions?  I don't know.


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