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Re: Unable to Un-indent with Emacs 24

From: Ari King
Subject: Re: Unable to Un-indent with Emacs 24
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 10:17:30 -0800 (PST)
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> What is your Emacs version?  I don't see that using Emacs 24 or 23 or 22 or 21
> or 20, on MS Windows.

Emacs 24 on Ubuntu 12.10

> What is an exact recipe - are you leaving anything out? 

"C-u -2 C-x TAB"
No, I didn't leave anything out. 

> What is the buffer's mode?  Etc.

Coffeescript mode

> (BTW, you can just do `C- - 2' instead of `C-u - 2', and `C-2' instead of `C-u
> 2'.)

I believe the problem was the "C-x" (see above). If I do `C- - 2' or `C-u - 2', 
as suggested above, un-indenting works. Thanks for the heads-up.


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