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emacsclient and Mac OS's clipboard

From: michaelsbradleyjr
Subject: emacsclient and Mac OS's clipboard
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 12:38:17 -0700 (PDT)
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I'm running the latest pretest from the "Emacs For Mac OS X" website 
(Emacs-pretest-24.0.95-universal-10.6.8.dmg) on Mac OS version 10.7.

If I launch Emacs in a standalone fashion (i.e. double-click on, the 
editor's kill ring and the OS's clipboard "communicate" with each other such 
that I can copy/paste back and forth between Emacs and other applications.

However, if I launch Emacs in --daemon mode and then fire up `emacsclient -c`, 
I find that the client's kill ring does not "communicate" with the OS's 
clipboard, and it's seemingly impossible to copy/paste between Emacs and other 
applications. A workaround is to use some intermediate text file, which I have 
open in say Emacs and TextEdit, but obviously that's not a great solution.

I'm hunting for a fix to this problem (if one exists) but am coming up short 
with google searches, et al.

Thanks for your help.

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