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Re: Emacs Conference?

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: Emacs Conference?
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 06:23:17 +0000 (UTC)

Yes, an emacs conference would be super.  But it will probably never happen.

Maybe several "regional" ones, 2 or 3 days long, and *very* tutorial.  

Boston, NYC, Chicago, SF, and LA?

All sessions available on out-of-pocket-cost dvds.  With camerma-man
(one of us) careful to record every slide shown and every chalk-movement
on the blackboard.

Questions encouraged -- likely lots of shy people will have the same
question, but never ask it.  All goes onto the dvd.

Actually, with all this effort going into the dvd, maybe only one
conference, and those not able to come can buy all the dvds.

And who do I want to come?   Naggum.  :-(

And of course all the other gurus, many here in this group.

Everyone advised to bring a laptop.


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