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Re: Emacs: Problems of the Scratch Buffer

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Emacs: Problems of the Scratch Buffer
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 12:34:26 +0200
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"Ludwig, Mark" <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Mark,

> I stand corrected.  Using 'emacs -q' shows the startup screen, and it
> does appear more durable than I remembered.  Good!
> Now, I don't see anything in my .emacs that should prevent the startup
> screen from appearing, but it's not appearing.  How does Emacs decide
> whether to show the startup screen?

,----[ (info "(emacs)Entering Emacs") ]
|    If the variable `inhibit-startup-screen' is non-`nil', Emacs does
| not display the startup screen.  In that case, if one or more files
| were specified on the command line, Emacs simply displays those files;
| otherwise, it displays a buffer named `*scratch*', which can be used to
| evaluate Emacs Lisp expressions interactively.  *Note Lisp
| Interaction::.  You can set the variable `inhibit-startup-screen' using
| the Customize facility (*note Easy Customization::), or by editing your
| initialization file (*note Init File::).(1)
|    You can also force Emacs to display a file or directory at startup
| by setting the variable `initial-buffer-choice' to a non-`nil' value.
| (In that case, even if you specify one or more files on the command
| line, Emacs opens but does not display them.)  The value of
| `initial-buffer-choice' should be the name of the desired file or
| directory.


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