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Geiser error

From: Aidan Gauland
Subject: Geiser error
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 08:37:33 +1200
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When I M-x run-geiser, I get a couple errors.  This in *geiser messages*:

INFO: RETORT: ((error (key . retort-syntax)) (output .
"scheme@(guile-user)> $1 = done
scheme@(guile-user)> "))

And this in *Messages*:
geiser-guile--geiser-procedure: Invalid function: (eval compile)

I didn't let it bother me until I tried M-TAB completion
(`completion-at-point'), which gives fails with the "Invalid function:
(eval compile)" error.

I haven't done any Scheme coding in a while, so I don't know what might
have changed to cause this problem.  Any suggestions?  I'm stumped.


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